Latest Past Events

Prof. Brian Kobilka M.D

Online via Zoom

“G-Protein-Coupled-Receptors” In this lecture, the Nobel prize winner Prof. Kobilka gives us an insight into the family of G -Protein-Coupled-Receptors (GPCR), the largest family of cell surface receptors. Given the role in regulation of all aspects of human physiology GPCR are the main target of today’s pharmaceuticals. He will discuss approaches to characterize the structure

Prof. Dr. Michael Dustin

Online via Zoom

“T cells on the attack against cancer and infection“ In this lecture, Prof. Dustin will introduce the "immunological synapse", the specialized junction between immune cells and their targets. Thereby, he will discuss three recent examples concerning 1. molecular dynamics in the context of cancer immunotherapy; 2. the inhibition of the immunological synapse by plasmodium; 3.

Prof. Dr. Dr. Haass

Online via Zoom

“Can we ever treat Alzheimer’s disease?“ In his lecture, the Professor will explain the pathology of Alzheimer's disease and the hypothesis of the amyloid cascade. With this basis, he will further describe amyloid-based therapeutic approaches, their clinical issues and finally he will address neuroinflammation as a new therapeutic target.   Download Flyer here